Hypnosis and hypnotherapy courses in the UK

The UK's best hypnosis and hypnotherapy training courses are listed below. Use the table to compare details of different courses to find the one that is right for you. In-depth information for each course is given below.

ProviderEntry CriteriaCourses OfferedLengthCostLocation(s)
BSCAH Health professionals only Foundation 3 x 2 days £600 Chelmsford, London, Warrington, Stafford, Yorkshire, Ireland
College of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy Non-selective Foundation
Advanced Diploma
Curative Hypnotherapy Training Non-selective Introduction
£84-133 per module
HypnoFocus Training Non-selective Introduction
1 day
16 days
Hypnosis Unit UK Health professionals only Introduction
3 days
10 days
14 days
HypnoTC - The Hypnotherapy Training Company Non-selective Introduction
NGH Certificate
1 day
16 days
London and International
Hypnotic Solutions Training Non-selective Diploma 2 x 8 days £1995-
Manchester College Of Coaching And Hypnotherapy (UK) Non-selective Certificate
Full practitioner training
8 days
10 days
18 days
Edinburgh, Manchester, Norwich, Stafford
National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy Graduate-level or equivalent Foundation
Advanced Diploma
8 days
16 days
10 days
London, Manchester, Falkirk, Leicester, Oxford
Past Life Regression Academy Non-selective Foundation Certificate
Diploma in Regression Therapy
4 days
16 days
Wiltshire, London, Glasgow
UK and Internationally
Scottish School of Complementary Therapies Non-selective Diploma
6-10 days
1-2 days
Central Scotland (off M8)
UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Non-selective Certificate

World Federation Of Hypnotherapists Approved Qualification Diploma 8 x 2 days £1200 Kirkby (in Ashfield) Nottinghamshire
Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training Non-selective Taster days
Foundation level
Practitioner level
CPD courses
1 day
8 days
20 days
West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire


British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis (BSCAH) Training

Courses offered: Postgraduate training in hypnosis (Foundation in hypnosis)

Course structure: 3 x weekend training. A theoretical and practical training in hypnosis

Course content: For full syllabus follow this link

Locations: Chelmsford, London, Warrington, Stafford, Yorkshire, Ireland

Cost: £500-600 depending on location

Entry criteria: Only open to qualified health professionals (doctors, dentists, psychologists)

Accreditation: International Society of Hypnosis, British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis

College of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Courses offered: Foundation in Hypnosis (12 days, i.e. 6 weekends); Counselling and Rapport Skills; Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (24 days, i.e. 12 weekends); Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (an additional 12 days, i.e. 6 weekends)

Course content: Download summary of course content or see website for more details

Locations: London

Established: 2009

Cost: Foundation £1518; Diploma £2976.20; Advanced Diploma £1518

Entrance requirements: Foundation: Open, all candidates are interviewed for suitability; Diploma: Completion of CCBH Foundation course, or other hypnotherapy training; Advanced Diploma: Completion of CCBH Diploma or other hypnotherapy training

Accreditation: General Hypnotherapy Register

Curative Hypnotherapy Training

Courses offered: Introduction; Certificate; Diploma in Curative Hypnotherapy

Course structure: Introduction (approximately 3 months distance learning, 6 modules), Certificate (5 practical weekend sessions), Diploma (between 2-4 years according to commitment & ability, 9 modules)

Course content: The Introduction course covers the fundamentals of hypnosis and curative hypnotherapy, explains the different roles of conscious and subconscious parts of the mind, and enables you to understand how the subconscious creates reactions/symptoms/problems.

The Certificate course provides comprehensive practical training. Designed for those wishing to be in practice as curative hypnotherapists, courses are suitable for those with no prior knowledge and those with qualifications in more standard uses of hypnosis.

The Diploma course is individualised and tailored to the areas which have yet to be mastered. Covers treatment (consultation to completing treatment) as well as running a successful business.

Location: Birmingham

Established: 1978

Cost: Introduction £150; Certificate Course £2050 (including all refreshments, lunch, handouts, and personal feedback/guidance); Diploma Course £84 - £133 per module

Entrance requirements: Fluency in English language. Students must successfully complete prior level of training before continuing to subsequent levels.

Accreditation: General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, The Hypnotherapy Society, The Hypnotherapy Association, The Organisation for Curative Hypnotherapists, The UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations

HypnoFocus Training

Courses offered: Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP

Course structure: A mixture of theory and practical training sessions conducted at weekends. Training provides students with the knowledge and skills to set up a successful private practice as a clinical hypnotherapist.

Entrance requirements: Telephone interview

Established: 2006

Course content: Please see prospectus available on website

Course duration: 16 days classroom training, and 450 hours of structured learning

Costs: Refer to course website

Accreditation: General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, Hypnotherapy Society, Guild of NLP.

Hypnosis Unit UK

Courses offered: Introduction to hypnosis (3 days); Certificate (Level I - 8 days); Certificate (Level II - 10 days); Diploma (14 days)

Course structure: A mixture of theory and practical training sessions conducted at weekends. Training provides students with the knowledge and skills to use hypnosis professionally.

Course content: All students must complete foundation modules for a basic grounding in hypnosis. Additional modules focus on specific problems (e.g. gastric problems, pain, PTSD), or client groups (e.g. adults, or children & adolescents)

Location: University College London

Established: 1990 (as UCL Hypnosis Unit)

Cost: Introduction (£545), Certificate (£1450), Diploma (£2540)

Entry criteria: Only open to qualified health professionals (doctors, dentists, psychologists)

Accreditation: International Society of Hypnosis, British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis

HypnoTC - The Hypnotherapy Training Company

Courses offered: Introduction (1 days); NGH Certificate (8 weekends over 6 months); Masterclasses (various)

Course structure: The full NGH Hypnotherapy Certificate course is 8 full weekends, 9am-5pm, over a period of 6 months (guideline).

Course content:  The NGH Hypnotherapy Certificate course is outlined here (look in the 'Course Syllabus' section)

Locations: London and International

Accreditation: Our certificate course is externally accredited and validated by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC), the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP (BIH) and meets UK Core Curriculum requirements. We are also a Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists (CRSST) affiliated training school, and upon qualification, graduates of our certificate course will be eligible to register with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Costs: Introduction £Free; Certificate £2499; Masterclass £Various

Entrance requirements: Non-selective

What makes this course unique: Our principal trainers come from very different backgrounds in the hypnosis world. Dr Kate Beaven-Marks is one of the UK's most highly qualified hypnotherapists, whilst Rory Z Fulcher is a self-taught Hypnotherapist, Stage & Street Hypnotist, and has authored books and DVDs upon the subject of Rapid Hypnosis. This combination of excellent trainers, alongside a tried-and-tested course format (NGH Certificate) means that you are getting the very best hypnotherapy training available, and a hands-on, practical (and fun) learning experience.

Hypnotic Solutions Training

Courses offered: Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Course structure: Accredited Diploma Course: 16 days classroom training split into 2 modules of 8 days.

Course content: Training in how to hypnotise, how to carry out sessions, scripts, hypno-analysis and much more. Specific training in working with phobias, smoking cessation, weight control, and emotional issues.

Costs: Diploma Course £1995 - £2195

Entrance requirements: No previous knowledge or training required. There is some reading to be done prior to attending the course. All students need to be sufficiently fluent in spoken and written English.

Established: 2006

Accreditation: The course has been externally accredited and validated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). It has also been accredited by the National Guild of Hypnotists (USA).

What makes this course unique: 16 days fast-track training in London by an experienced practising hypnotherapist and trainer. 120 hours training split into 2 modules, each of 8 days. Includes 1 year's membership of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Manchester College Of Coaching And Hypnotherapy (UK)

Courses offered: Certificate, Diploma, combination of both gives Practitioner Status

Course length: Certificate, 8 days (4 x Weekends), Diploma, 10 days (5 x Weekends)

Cost: Certificate £650; Diploma £835; Full Practitioner Training £1485

Course structure: Theory and skills based over 9 modular weekends, face to face teaching supplemented by reading and case studies

Course content: counselling and coaching skills, psychological theory, NLP, induction techniques, parts therapy, regression including past life and future progression, clinical conditions including obsessive compulsive disorders, addictions, phobias, etc. Certificate Syllabus. Diploma Syllabus.

Locations: Edinburgh, Manchester, Norwich, Stafford

Established: 2010

Entry criteria: Non-selective

Accreditation: General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, Hypnotherapy Association. International Hypnosis Association, International Institute of Professional Coaches and Hypnotherapists

What makes this course unique: Hazel Thomson, founder of MCCH has woven her extensive training and experience into the syllabus by including the techniques of Ernest Rossi, David Grove and Tania Prince. A Certificate in Life Coaching and training in EFT are included within the programme. MCCH put emphasis on acquiring practical skills and gives guidance on business set up. Modular Payment Options

Motivation Training UK

Courses offered: Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (with NLP)

Entrance requirements: None, open to everyone

Costs: £2750 (including food and accomodation)

Location: Residential in Scotland - available for all UK students

National College of Hypnosis And Psychotherapy

Courses offered: Foundation, Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma

Breakdown of course structure: First three stages are one weekend a month. Advanced Diploma involves different elements including live training and online courses. Training is at masters level but there is also a strong emphasis on practical training to enable you to utilise all you learn in practice.

Course content: We cover the syllabus required by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (Foundation and Certificate) and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy College of Hypno-Psychotherapists (through to Advanced Diploma). More information

Location: London, Manchester, Falkirk, Leicester, Oxford

Established: 1977

Cost: £720, £1440, £900, flexible

Entry criteria: Our course is at masters level and students need to ensure they are capable of working at that level

Accreditation: Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, Open University, National Council for Hypnotherapy, European Association of Psychotherapy, National Society of Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness

What makes this course unique: The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy is the oldest school of hypnotherapy in the UK. Founded in 1977, we have been training hypnotherapists and psychotherapists for 39 consecutive years and have trained many who have gone on to found their own schools. We have meaningful academic recognition through Bath Spa University and meaningful external accreditation with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and the European Association for Psychotherapy. The course is structured incorporating the highest educational standards, indeed the Principal did the first post graduate university study into the dynamics of hypnotherapy training in 1998. He and the Managing Director have a total of over 50 years clinical and 38 years teaching experience. The have also authored between them 6 books on a range of subjects relevant to the ethical practise of hypnotherapy.

Past Life Regression Academy

Courses offered: Hypnosis Foundation (4 days); Diploma in Regression Therapy (16 days)

Breakdown of course structure: Intensive practical 4 day workshops with reading assignments and practice sessions after each workshop.

Course content: Training, both practical and theoretical, covers rapport building, management of the hypnotic state, suggestion therapy, current life regression, past life regression, spiritual transformation, body therapy, inner child regression, management of catharsis, releasing intrusive energy, interviewing clients, introduction to psychopathology, setting up a therapy business.

Location: Foundation - Glasgow, Swindon, London, Milan (italy); Diploma - Dorset, Milan (Italy)

Established: 2002

Cost: Foundation (including supervision) £550; Diploma (including supervision) £1800

Entry criteria: Non-selective

Accreditation: General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, International board of Regression Therapy, Earth Association of Regression Therapy

What makes this course unique: It covers the best of traditional clinical hypnotherapy with transpersonal spiritual transformation.

The Scottish School of Complementary Therapies

Courses offered: Diploma (Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma), clinical and advanced, NLP included. Many other CPD courses available.

Breakdown of course structure: 10 modules, tutorial classes monthly, distance learning, live clients, practical sessions, everything included in cost

Course content: Full course content for the Advanced and Clinical Hypnotherapy diploma available at tssct.co.uk

Location: Central Scotland, off M8, easy access from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lothians and Borders

Established: 2007

Cost: Diploma £2150 (£100 discount for full payment)

Accreditation: NCH and NCFE (National Council for Hypnotherapy and Northern Council for Further Education)

What makes this course unique: Become a fully practising Hypnotherapy practitioner knowing you have been coached by an accredited school, includes Clinical and Advanced Hypnotherapy, includes full registration with NCH, 15 months free membership, letters after your name, DiP CAH, PNLP, no extras to pay for.

UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Courses offered: Certificate in Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy, Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Breakdown of course structure: Certificate Course - 7 Day Intensive Training (Saturday to Friday 10am to 6pm); Diploma Course - 21 Days - in three stages of 7 Days each (Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3)

Course content: Certificate: this course is mainly focused on basic hypnotherapy assessment, hypnotic induction, and the use of suggestion. The course is based on the cognitive-behavioural model of hypnosis - and therefore what you learn lends itself very well to being integrated with cognitive behavioural therapy.

Diploma: Training focuses on practical face-to-face classroom exercises and group learning. Stage one focuses on the core skills of a hypnotherapist whereas stage 2 deals with behavioural psychology and interventions in hypnotherapy. Stage 3 addresses cognitive concepts and techniques. The whole training covers much of traditional cognitive behavioural therapy but with a special focus on imagery techniques, imaginal exposure, relaxation training, and integrating hypnosis into CBT. Students are trained in the basic theory and skills - and also learn basic case conceptualisation and treatment design. 

Location: London

Established: 2003

Cost: Certificate £695; Diploma £2199

Entry criteria: Open to anyone however:

  • Students must be aged 18 or over.
  • Students should have no history of criminal convictions or sanctions by professional organisations which might reflect upon their suitability to practice as a therapist.
  • Students should be sufficiently fluent in spoken English to engage with English-speaking clients.
  • Students must be in suitable mental health for training, e.g., without a history of psychotic symptoms or current mental health problems.

Accreditation: Certificate Course - approved as CPD by the British Psychological Society Learning Centre; Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy - the diploma is awarded externally by NCFE (government regulated national awarding body) and is a Level 4 Award. The Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is accredited by The National Council of Hypnotherapy, The General Hypnotherapy Register, The Register for Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and The National Hypnotherapy Society.

World Federation Of Hypnotherapists

Courses offered: Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Breakdown of course structure: 120 hours of class teaching, (8 weekends) plus home study. The theory and practical aspects of Hypnotherapy and useful add on therapies/tools are summarised in simple clear manuals; each one provided to be read before the relevant workshop. This means we can cover more ground in the class sessions and focus on practical training to build up skills and competencies. Our students quickly start to practise hypnotherapy techniques with fellow students and practice particular techniques at home on friends or family. The WFH has an extensive library available and there is recommended reading and homework given at the end of each manual. Towards the end of the course students practise full treatments with volunteers under supervision. Our aim is to make you feel confident and be fully competent to provide professional treatments as soon as you qualify.

Course content: Includes: understanding the mind and hypnosis; the history of hypnotherapy; building rapport; language patterns; Meta and Milton Models; various inductions; types of personality; Psychological theories; Timeline; childhood trauma; Regression; NLP; EFT; Parts therapy; working with children; All you need to know in order to set up a professional practise and give effective hypnotherapy treatments for weight loss, fears and phobias, past life regression, lack of confidence, depression, sports performance, panic attacks, child birth, stress relief, stop smoking, addictions, etc. See website for details.

Location: Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, UK

Established: 2015

Cost: Pay as you learn £1400; Pay in advance £1200

Entry criteria: Open to all. Referees are required.

Accreditation: A Diploma in Hypnotherapy qualifies you as a Consultant Hypnotherapist. You will also be automatically enrolled as a member of The World Federation of Hypnotherapists, with the entitlement to use the additional designations: MWFH (Member of the World Federation of Hypnotherapists), MSHA (Member of the Society of Hypno-Analysts).

What makes this course unique: This course is approved by the Hypnotherapy Association. The tutors are practising hypnotherapists, a husband and wife couple with over 10 years’ experience of Hypnotherapy and nearly 30 years’ experience of teaching. We have the backing and resources of the WFH and their officers to step in and provide specialist training. The class sizes are small and are run from their working home to minimise the price. The learning is informal, relaxed, fun and fascinating.

Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training

Courses offered: Taster Days (1 day); Foundation level (8 days); Practitioner level (20 days); CPD courses (various)

Course structure: Taster Days are held on selected Sundays over the year; Foundation and Practitioner courses can be taken either one weekend per month or half a day per week (midweek); CPD courses may be workshops or distance learning depending on topic.

Course content: Module: 1. Introduction to Hypnosis; 2. The therapeutic relationship and improving your hypnosis skills; 3. From hypnosis to hypnotherapy; 4. Working with stress and related issues; 5. Working with unwanted behavioural habits and smoking cessation; 6. Working with Confidence, Self esteem and Weight Control; 7. Analytical hypnotherapy; 8. Cognitive hypnotherapy and Working with health issues; 9. Working with relationship issues / Introduction to wider skills; 10. Business building and running a practice. See website for details.

Location: West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire

Established: 2011

Cost: Taster Days £10; Foundation level £1030; Practitioner level £1950; CPD courses vary; Substantial Early Bird discounts available

Entry criteria: Non-selective

Accreditation: General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC), British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP (BIH), Complementary Medical Association (CMA), please see our website for a list of other bodies which recognise our training and expertise.

What makes this course unique: Our tutor, Debbie Waller, is a published author, highly experienced therapist and qualified trainer. You can train at weekends or midweek, whatever suits your busy lifestyle. Our curriculum is not only fully compliant with the voluntary regulations, it offers the added bonus of being able to advertise yourself as a specialist, with an external qualification in addition to our practitioner's diploma, from day one of your new career. The course itself is based on the practicalities of running a therapy business. It starts by making you a good hypnotist and a good communicator, goes on to an in-depth look at the most common issues people present to hypnotherapists, and finally offers an introduction to other more specialist areas. In other words, it teaches you what you need to know to be a successful professional therapist.