Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Training Providers near Greater London

Hypnotherapy Training in Greater London

Greater London offers a diverse range of hypnotherapy training courses suitable for both medical professionals and individuals with no prior clinical qualifications. The International College of Clinical Hypnosis Practitioners provides a modern and dynamic approach, offering both Certificate and Diploma courses in Integrative Evidence Based Clinical Hypnotherapy. With locations in Westminster and Islington, they cater to various levels of experience.

The Hypnosis-Courses.com emphasizes personalized, evidence-based education, and offers a Hypnotherapy Diploma alongside speciality workshops and development days, conducted in Westminster and Islington among other locations.

For those looking for a more evidence-based and bespoke approach, the Hypnotherapy Training Company provides diploma courses accredited by renowned associations, with training available in Westminster, Lambeth, and Camden.

In Barnet and Westminster, Hypnotic Solutions Training delivers hands-on training in small groups for a more personalized learning experience, integrating NLP in their courses.

The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy offers Hypno-CBT® training, merging cognitive-behavioural therapy with hypnosis and mindfulness, available for those in Westminster and surrounding areas.

For a unique blend of Ericksonian hypnotherapy with a compassionate, Buddhism-informed approach, the British Hypnosis Research Institute in Camden provides both online and practical training.

Lastly, CPHT Solution Focused Hypnotherapy offers solution-focused training for prospective hypnotherapists with convenient locations in Camden and other nearby areas for those located in Greater London.

Each provider offers opportunities for continuous professional development, ensuring that graduates remain at the forefront of hypnotherapy practice.

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