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Accrediting and Professional Bodies

Hypnotherapy Society (HS)


The purpose of the Hypnotherapy Society is to create and maintain good academic, professional, practical, financial and ethical standards of training, supervision, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), professional practice and the provision of goods, services and contracts within the profession of Hypnotherapy in the United Kingdom.

Membership Criteria

Professional Members need to demonstrate a combination of adequate training, experience, and competence, depending on the level of their membership. Supervision is vital for the award and maintenance of professional membership. A licentiate member must either have completed an accredited training course or demonstrate practical training knowledge of hypnotherapy with a formal qualification of at least Level IV in the National Qualifications Framework. The Society defines a Registered Member (MHS) as one who has demonstrated to the Society, not only those criteria relevant to Licentiate Membership, but also at least two years’ experience of professional practice under supervision.

Ethical Code

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