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This hypnotherapy training provider champions a client-centered methodology, eschewing scripted techniques for a personalized, evidence-based educational experience. The school focuses on cultivating practitioner confidence and mastery through hands-on practice, with an emphasis on adapting to individual client needs and fostering holistic treatment competency.

Accrediting bodies

National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), NCFE, General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC), Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).


Evidence based

Course details

The company in question offers a variety of courses related to hypnotherapy and hypnosis training, focusing on different aspects and skill levels. The Hypnotherapy Diploma & International NGH Certificate Training prepares students for professional practice, including fundamental hypnotherapy techniques and client management. CPD & Advanced Workshops provide ongoing professional development, covering specialized topics for further skill enhancement.

Courses like HypnoDemo Training and Rapid Inductions / Instant Hypnosis emphasize practical techniques for inducing hypnosis quickly and effectively. The Hypno-EMDR Pain Management for Hypnotherapists and Rapid Therapy Approaches focus on specific applications of hypnosis for pain management and rapid therapeutic change, respectively.

For self-improvement and self-application, the Self-Hypnosis Training course is available. Also, the company offers support and development through Practitioner Development Days, Group Supervision and Development for Hypnotherapists, and Research Supervision for Hypnotherapists, aimed at advancing practice and ensuring adherence to professional standards. The duration and specific curriculum of each course vary, with some offering comprehensive training and others designed as short, focused workshops.


Fees range from £27 for the Hypnotic Suggestibility Testing 101 Course to £3,795 for the Hypnotherapy Diploma Course.

Entry criteria

Open to all

Medical qualification required?

  • Does not generally require a professional clinical qualification


Lancashire, Birmingham, Chelmsford, London, Warrington, Yorkshire, and Online

Course Locations

  • Westminster
  • Westminster
  • Fylde
  • Birmingham
  • Chelmsford
  • Warrington
  • York
  • Lewisham