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This company views hypnosis as a natural state that can be utilized to reshape mental patterns, aiding individuals in overcoming various psychological challenges. Its training philosophy emphasizes a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, offering structured courses that range from foundational hypnotherapy principles to advanced techniques. The curriculum encompasses various methodologies, including Emotional Freedom Technique and rapid inductions, aimed at preparing students for professional practice.



Course details

The company provides hypnotherapy training suitable for both novices and experienced therapists. Their Foundation Level Holistic Hypnotherapy Certification is an intensive course split over two weekends, encompassing over 200 hours of study. It covers a breadth of foundational topics such as the history of hypnosis, the nature of hypnotic trance, induction techniques, and practical sessions. Graduates are eligible for an Affiliate Status with the GHR and receive IPHM accreditation.

For practitioners seeking to deepen their expertise, the Advanced Hypnotherapy Training builds upon the foundation course, introducing advanced techniques and business skills to enhance their practice. The training spans two weekends and includes modules like smoking cessation, rapid inductions, and muscle testing. The school also offers Master Classes focusing on specific hypnotherapy applications, alongside supervised practice sessions. Throughout, the courses emphasize practical experience and the client-therapist dynamic, guided by Tracey Robins, a professional with a range of credentials in the field.


Fees range from £250 for the Regression Package to £600 for Advanced Hypnotherapy Training.

Entry criteria

  • The Foundation Level Holistic Hypnotherapy Certification: Open to both experienced therapists and those with no prior knowledge
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy Training: Students who have completed the foundation course or equivalent; ideal for students who have been qualified for 6 – 12 months and have practiced their skills on several clients

Medical qualification required?

  • Does not generally require a professional clinical qualification


Manchester and Online.

Course Locations

  • Salford